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FCA Jump Crew Qualifications

FCA Skydiving Crew
Revised: 11 July 2004

To join us as a show jump crew member he/she must:

  • Be approved by the FCA Skydive Coordinator and Skydive Crew Chief
  • Retain a professional attitude and appearance at all times when audience is present.


FCA Skydiving Crew
Show Day Responsibilities (SOP)

Prior to Brief

  • Drop off target near fence line – show side, out of reach of rug-rats.
  • Ensure the fence pennants have been setup.
  • Be knowledgeable on the use of the signal target.


  • Attend 2:00pm Show Briefing (remember to sign in)
      Take note of how many planes will be up.
  • Brief with skydivers for flag catching, windsock instructions, wind conditions, other special instructions.

Show Time

  • One crew member should accompany jumper to aircraft, conduct final pin check, and observe/assist climb-in.
  • Go to fence where target was left.
  • Wait for all aircraft to start and taxi out.

Jump Operations & Signals

  • Set up target no closer than the 50’ line in a wind “T”. (normal hold)
  • As our planes take taxi and take off, keep track of all aircraft!!
  • As last formation/aircraft takes off and is clear of the field, verify that the airspace is clear of other aircraft and pull target to full “hot”.
  • Any changes in safety in the air or on the field, place a straight across hold.
  • When jumper exits, pull back to wind “T”.
  • Watch wind direction. If there is a sustained change in the wind direction, reorient the “T”.
  • When National Anthem starts or flag is out (whichever occurs first) pull target to full “hot”.
  • Catch and/or assist with flag as briefed.

Post Jump

  • Fold/roll target and move to fence as a group.
    (If there is a crew member with the wind indicator, they should be last as the indicator is a good signal to the pilot of taxiing aircraft.)
  • WATCH FOR TRAFFIC ON THE GROUND until clear of the field!!
  • Assist with the proper folding (or packing) of any flags.
  • If jumper is going to pack at the fence, someone should stay to watch for ground traffic or help jumper.
  • Attend de-brief with jumper(s) out-of-earshot of the audience.
  • Retain a professional attitude and appearance at all times when audience is present.


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