Skydive in Silhouette
FCA Jump Team
Jim flies over FCA

Flying Circus Skydivers

“Where we said,
When we said,
Ready to do what we said”

joe w/ flag

The Jumpers


Skydiver Since

How to become an FCA Jumper

Joe Callen



'D' License, Sr Parachute Rigger (back/seat)

Mike Davidson



'D' License, "Pro" Rated, Tandem/AFF Instructor, S&T, Army Golden Knight Executive Officer (Ret), Private Pilot

Roger Henry


'D' License, Military Jumpmaster, SL Instructor, LtCol  USMC (Ret.)

Pilot (helos and fixed wing) 3,500 military hours + civil flight time including UH-1E (Huey) Gunship Commander, Combat Flight Leader, Test Pilot, (1966-1967), AH-1G (Cobra) Gunship Commander (1969-1970)

Richard "Sonny" Hill



'D' License, "Pro" Rated, US Army Golden Knight Executive Officer (Ret), Private Pilot (ASEL/instrument)

Jim Wine*


'D' License, "Pro" Rated, Gold Wings (1000 jumps), Tandem Instructor, Sr Parachute Rigger (back/seat/chest), Private Pilot (ASEL)
Notable jumps: Wright Brothers Centenial Celebration

* FCA Skydiver Coordinator and FCA Board Member

The Crew

How to become an FCA Jump Crew Member


Jumping Experience

Heidi Lang

Skydiver: SL -> Level G

Cathy Wine**

Skydiver: AFF -> solo

** FCA Skydiver Crew Chief

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