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FCA Jumpers

FCA Jumper
Revised: 11 July 2004

To join us as a show jumper he/she must be:

  • A USPA 'C' (advanced) licensed jumper with a minimum of 200 skydives
  • Invited by a current FCA Jumper
  • Approved by the FCA Skydive Coordinator
    (or in the absence of the FCA Skydive Coordinator, the FCA President and FCA Safety Officer)
  • Retain a professional attitude and appearance at all times when audience is present.

 For a show jumper to manifest he/she:

  • Be current:
    • 50 jumps logged within the last year.
    • 5 jumps on the canopy to be used within the last 2 months.
  • Be in compliance with all applicable FAA regulations and the FCA Show Waiver.
  • Review the FCA Show Waiver and sign both the waiver and weekly briefing sheets.
  • Have been briefed by the FCA Skydive Coordinator, shown proficiency, and checked off on:
    • FCA show and jump procedures including ground-to-air signaling
    • All accessories being used (smoke, flag, etc...)
    • Be prepared with a sport parachute system that:
      • Is TSO'ed and in date,
      • Has a steerable reserve canopy,
      • Is within the wing loading recommendations by the manufacturer.


FCA Jumper
Show Day Responsibilities (SOP)
Revised: 11 July 2004

 Prior to the show:

  • All Jumpers must attend the 2:00pm show briefing and be briefed by the Team Leader on the day's jump activities.
  • The Team Leader is to:
    • Coordinate with FCA President as to the number of jump aircraft available for the jumpers, and inform him/her of the intended jumpers.
    • Ensure pin-checks are conducted for all jumpers,
    • Brief the jump pilot(s) as to the jumprun, intended exit altitude and location, AAD usage, seat belt procedures, canopy colors, and circling procedures,
    • Brief jumpers on opening altitudes, and landing pattern.
    • Brief crew on intended operations.
    • (These are typically handled at the “1:45 brief”, but the time and method is left to the Team Leader.)
  • If there will be more than one jumper, the pilots will select plane formation order, the Team Leader will assign jumpers to each plane according to weight, aircraft performance and/or jumper experience with specific planes. This will dictate the Formation Lead Jumper. Note that the Formation Lead Jumper may or may not be the flag bearer.

 During the show:

  • The Formation Lead Jumper is to:
    • Visually scan the area for conflicting traffic prior to and during jumprun
    • Verify ground-to-air signal prior to and during jumprun,
    • Select the exit location
    • Exit in an open area (not over the audience)
  • All jumpers are to:
    • Exit only on the lead jumper's signal
    • Initiate deployment at or above 2500' AGL
    • Perform any preplanned cutaways at or above 3500' AGL
    • Perform NO hook-turns below 200' AGL (or even close to it...)
    • Pass over the audience no lower than 250' ('D' license or 50' for Pro rated)
    • Land no closer to the audience than 50' ('D' license or 15' for Pro rated)
    • Clear the stage/landing area as a group as soon as all jumpers and crew have landed and secured the gear.  Parachutes and flags may be repacked or stowed as desired at the fence. (US flags not being repacked, should be folded properly at the fence.)
    • Retain a professional attitude and appearance at all times
  • After the show:
    • Retain a professional attitude and appearance at all times
    • At a time/place of convenience to all: jumpers, jumper crew, and pilots debrief the jump(s) out-of-earshot of the audience.


    FCA Skydive Coordinator
    Qualifications and SOP
    Revised: 11 July 2004


The FCA Skydive Coordinator is designated annually by the Flying Circus Foundation Board of Directors (previously it was designated by the Flying Circus Airshows, Inc. BOD).


The Skydive Coordinator will:

  • Work with the Airshow Boss, Safety Officer and Waver Holder to ensure compliance with all applicable FAA regulations, FAA show waiver, and FCA Jumper SOPs.
  • Ensure at least one qualified skydiver and skydive crew member are available and ready to perform for each scheduled show during the season.
  • Schedule the regular show jumpers such that:
    • Jumps are afforded equitably to each regular jumpers,
    • Jumpers desire to perform or be absent on particular days is taken into consideration as able,
    • FCA Alumni are invited to perform based on schedule flexibility, (all jumpers must meet qualification requirements)
    • Each show has a primary jumper, alternate jumper and primary ground crew member scheduled, and a team leader designated for the day.
  • Establish an equitable breakdown of show pay for the jump team.
  • Update and publish the Jump Team SOPs.


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